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indonesian bedroom furniture 2016
If for the sofa we normally take from home industry and factories. Moreover, home industry could also serve the sofa repairs. We understand if you want a lot of guests Underwear and the get-together, "he explained.

He reveals, on average mebeler other shop owners and home industry are also indonesian bedroom furniture widely accepted the order. Mostly, buyers from the region of Jakarta, Bogor, Depok and others. "If its a typical day, most mebeler requests for delivery-wedding submissions. But, now yes to at home welcome the Idul Fitri holiday, "explains Hasan.

Fitri, one buyer claiming to want to buy a sofa to beautify a room. In addition, usually when Lebaran many guests and sometimes will not fit.

"Lebaran kan brothers and guests usually at get-togethers. Sometimes, because of the large number of guests so as not to goto the seating. Well, this is for the preparation of the later mau Lebaran, "he said.

Before Lebaran this year, the crafters rattan rattan crafters central in Gresik, East Java (Java), flooded the order basket parcel.

During the last month, turnover of the crafters of the average surged to 60 percent compared to regular days. As many as 78 crafters rattan rattan Village artisans in kampung Putat Lor, Change, Gresik Regency had to work late into the night to meet a surge in orders basket parcel.

A craftsman is the average received orders as much as a thousand units per week or surged 60 percent compared to a typical day revolves around 600 units per cart weekend.

Marli, rattan crafters in the area said, a surge in orders going on since last month. "It is expected to reach its peak at H-7 before the Idul Fitri holiday," he said, Friday (26/7/2013).

Rattan basket classic design became a prima donna because the indonesian bedroom furniture did not only come from cities in Java Island, but also comes from Borneo to Sumatra, Maluku, Papua, Indonesia.

According to him, the basket of parcel products the artisans in Gresik sale with prices vary, ranging from Rp5 thousands to Rp150 thousand per unit.
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